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Here is a short synopsis of my last research projects
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Find out more about how ageing (and the ageing brain) affects decision making under uncertainty, competitiveness, advice taking, delegation, etc.

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Social Norms

Social norms are a central factor in the functioning of our societies. You’ll find here studies on delegated decisions and on distributional preferences.

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Media Piracy

Click here to find out a bit on crime in the new media, notably on the driving forces behind media piracy and cues for consumer choice on cryptomarkets.

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Yes, it’s true. I am the one behind the member survey on /r/nofap and on the nofap.com forum. Find an overview of the results here.

About Me

Alec Sproten, the scientist
A behavioural and social scientist with a passion for experimental methods

I am obsessed with answering reserach questions. Consequently, I run classic economic experiments, but also experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging, eye-tracking, and hormonal sampling. Currently, my research clusters around three central pillars, viz. ageing, social norm compliance, and new media. My research career started with ethologic studies during my licentiate in psychology. I moved on to run economic experiments in my doctorate where I focused on age differences in decision making under uncertainty and in competitiveness, both with instruments from behavioural economics and from neuroeconomics. Since moving to Nuremberg, I also perform research on efficiency concerns and on fiduciary money management. More recently, I built up a third research pillar on new media, where I study media piracy using experiments, fapstinence using surveys, and drug trafficking on cryptomarkets with the tools of empirical economics.

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